It’s Been Paid For!!!

I bought a new set of cordless phones a few months ago. When it comes to gadgets, I’m the type to research, read, google, research again and pray to make sure I’m getting the best gadget for my specific needs- and the coolest. I read all of the awesome features, including “link to cell” and “headset jack” and couldn’t wait to get these wonderful pieces of goodness home.

Now, I immediately began to use the headphone jack, well because it was right there in plain view on the side of the phone and is truly necessary for the radio broadcast- nothing hard about that. But there was [what appeared to be] the more complicated matter of figuring out how to link the cordless sets to my cell phone and then MAKE IT WORK. How many times have I had to apologize for “breaking up” or regretfully explain to someone that I need to call them “right back” from my land line? Even though I paid extra for a phone that has this function, I never wanted to sit still long enough to figure it out. And you already know that digging up the manual was going to be out of the question- even if it cut my time and effort in half.

Two days ago, I finally figured it out. The linking was easy–figuring out how to dial out from my cordless through my cell number was a different story, but after much trial and error, I figured it out!!! And for two days I’ve walked around my home looking like Janet Jackson in her “Control” video (well, not really). Belt clip (attached to phone) and headset in full effect- I am totally hands free with a perfect signal! SCORE!!! I took a moment yesterday to bask in the convenience, and I realized that I lost a few precious months of enjoying this “hook-up”. How many dropped calls and frustrating moments could have been avoided had I just taken the time, sat still long enough to familiarize myself with the instructions? Surely, the sacrifice of time spent learning would have paled in comparison to the time I spent retrieving lost phone calls and repeating complete sentences. There was a good lesson to learn about “paying if forward”- expending the effort and learning the rules in the beginning so that you can enjoy the end game.

By now you know I took this a bit further. How many of us aren’t reaping the total benefits of salvation? How many of us are pining for desires that are actually lined up and labeled for us? How many of us will lose days, weeks, months, years and decades until we are inconvenienced enough to sit still and seek instruction? Often times, things can be much easier than they are, but for one flaw (laziness, procrastination, disorganization, etc.) or another, we don’t sit still enough to seek the answer that will change our circumstances and set the pace for everything to run much more smoothly.

Jesus paid the price. Your GOOD life has been paid for…REAP ALL OF THE BENEFITS!!! It’s a FULL FEATURED life!