To The Open Heart on Valentine’s Day….

To the Open Heart This Valentine’s Day….
I was talking to one of my brothers in the Lord last night and he was sharing with me a recent revelation God gave to him about true Godly manhood and the masculinity revealed through responsibility. Divine masculinity that isn’t being taught and is missing in too many adult males around us. He shared that a man’s responsibility, even as a husband, isn’t contingent upon “feelings”. If Jesus was led and motivated by His “feelings”, He would never have drank from the cup. Conviction had to trump convenience and feelings. I appreciate these conversations we have because it becomes so OBVIOUS that the word of God is the skeletal framework of these revelations. I won’t share any more about his revelation about masculinity, as it is His to share. My spirit leaped because I understood, and in that realized that I was being understood.
You see, I made this vow to God a long time ago that I would give Him my life and really LIVE ON PURPOSE and by His design. It was then that I knew with certainty that I wouldn’t exist to pay bills and die. I decided that I would agree with God concerning His will for my life and do my best to partner with His plans and bring glory to His name.
If I am to partner with His plans, then I cannot partner with those who don’t partner with His plans- even if it means walking alone at times. If God’s plan looks like “this”, then I can’t marry someone whose life plan and pursuit looks like “that”.
We don’t choose one time to live for God, we choose to live for God CONTINUOUSLY, one opportunity at a time, overcoming by His strength, one temptation at a time, siding with Him, once choice at a time. Victory doesn’t mean there are no injuries, but it does mean you are at least TRYING to aim right and that there are more hits than misses. There should ALWAYS be measurable growth.
So tonight, I am saluting those who make the inconvenient, unpopular and often misunderstood decisions, in an effort to remain in the will of God. I salute you because it is a lonely place. There are those who have walked with you that will fall asleep on you (won’t you pray with me for one hour?). There are those who will tell you that it doesn’t take all of that. There are those who will tell you that since you only live once, you might as well do all that makes you feel good, DESPITE biblical principles such as those shared in Romans 8:1-5.
So to those who could have continued to stay on a job that allowed them to be rich, but chose to start all over, even if it meant less pay, to do things God’s way, and WAIT for the fruit of that decision, I salute you and can relate. Napolean Kaufman still had good playing years left in him in the NFL when he left to pastor (just in case you needed an example).
To those who desire to be married, but have had to forego opportunities to do so, because they haven’t YET met one that God said He endorses and fits well into His plan for their lives… I salute you and can relate.
For those who have had to endure public scrutiny whether at a dinner table or a board meeting, because they have defended the truth while everyone else was in agreement and slapping fives over a lie, gossip or demonic agenda… I salute you and can relate.
For those courageous enough to walk away from their desires, to pursue God’s desires for them…. I salute you and can relate.
Jesus set the example of sacrificial love and commitment for the sake of doing the will of the Father and THE WAY hasn’t changed. Nobody said it would be easy, but in the END, it will be worth it.
There are so many decades we’ll spend here. And there is an ETERNITY we will spend… somewhere else. Are you willing to sacrifice here to reign with Him there? You aren’t alone.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…..where is your heart…..really?