Love Levels

Human love has levels. Often times we say someone doesn’t love us….or else they wouldn’t have done “this or that”. In the context of being treated with respect and loyalty consistently, sometimes the person does love you, they just don’t love you ENOUGH. They love you or what you do for them in the sense that they would cry if you died and they don’t want to see you hit by a car or something. YET, they haven’t the ability to love you with God’s love. The love that nurtures, protects, defends, guards, is truthful, thoughtful, selfless, compassionate, etc.. In order to love you well, they have to hate hurting you, more than they like or love doing what harms you.

 Sometimes people love us the best they can given their capacity and maturity, but it just isn’t at the level with which a healthy relationship can be sustained with us. There are many people whom I love, but from a distance. Not because I’m angry or hurt, but because when they’re too close, there’s a toxicity that is abusive and damaging to me. When one can’t maintain the distance which keeps them safe, one must question their self-love. You have to BE WELL to LOVE WELL. #kelsimarie