This is the place where I write some of the thoughts that I ponder as well as some of the revelations I receive through prayer or the word of God. Often times I know that others will benefit as well. I want with everything within me for YOU to live the abundant life Christ took 39 stripes and died for you to live.


Kelsi Marie Arceneaux is a native of Berkeley, CA. She is currently an evangelist and radio broadcaster based in the SanFrancisco Bay area. After publishing “Clarity Is Divine” as an article in 2012, and in response to the reactions it produced, ministry associates and friends encouraged her to expound, giving┬áreaders access to her process of restoration. She has a passion for seeing people emotionally healed and freed from spiritual and emotional bondage. After reading Clarity Is Divine: The Light of His Love Revealed, feel free to share your feedback and TESTIMONIES.

She would love to hear from you.

Twitter: @kelsimarie510

Website: www.clarityisdivine.com

For feedback or speaking engagements, contact Kelsi Marie at: info@kelsimarie.com

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