Beware of the Sanballats!!!

I’m studying the book of Nehemiah AGAIN. I looked through my notes, and yes, I was studying it this time last year. I decided to continue and compare my notes ever so often to see how different my filters are this year and what catches my attention this time around. I love (GOOD) surprises!!!

Here I am on chapter two, reading about Sanballat and his cronies and it hit me!!! You know how you RE-realize something you already know? Well here it is….

Some haters aren’t even personal!

They’re just against the agenda that you stand for. If they’re against the will of God, and you are committed to God, they are going to be against you. Read that again…

This Sanballat for instance- when he heard that Nehemiah (and the men the king sent with him) were going to rebuild the wall, he became “exceedingly distressed and displeased”. He didn’t want the wall to be rebuilt! He was under the influence of something that got a kick out of seeing people oppressed, shamed, divided and destitute. 

It wasn’t so much that he didn’t like Nehemiah. Did he even know who Nehemiah was? Nehemiah had been a cupbearer for the king some 800 miles away. He didn’t like Nehemiah’s assignment or what he stood for. Sanballat and his cronies “accused” Nehemiah of going against the king in this endeavor. That is ridiculous considering the men, letters and resources the king sent with Nehemiah to accomplish the task at hand. 

People who are against God’s agenda are the same ones who sow division. They create offenses where there are no grounds, just to keep people distracted from “destiny work”.

Beware of those people in your life who operate under the spirit of Sanballat. Just as he wasn’t on Israel’s side, they are not on the Lord’s side and surely not yours!!!