Who Remembers Jordache?

I was just thinking today about how much I hate INSECURITIES. They are such tricks and tools of the enemy. If we never come in to full agreement with what God says about us or who God says that we are, we will never live the life, steward the ministry or take the territory for God’s kingdom that Christ died for us to take. Insecurities cause us to be timid, shy, depressed, despondent, and just flat out CRAZY at times. And YES, shyness is a form of FEAR. How will I be perceived? What will happen to me? What will people say? Will I be good enough? What will people think? Will I be embarrassed? I could go on and on….. but it’s all FEAR!!! I HATE FEAR!!! God didn’t give that to me!!! We serve a God who takes NO pleasure and has no delight in a drawback spirit. What have you missed out on, what chances did you not take, because of a fear of failure? Better yet, what job, relationships, circumstances have you settled for, because deep inside you didn’t believe you could do or have better? OUCH!
Insecurities have many different faces. Show me a bragger, a self-promoter, a bully, a flaunter and I’ll show you someone as insecure as the person who sits in a corner with their head down…. just a different execution of the same mess.
I remember when I was in the 2nd grade I had a friend who came to school with a turquoise Jordache purse (yes, I’m revealing my age) with fringes hanging from the bottom. OMG!!! That purse was EVERYTHING. See, she had a sister who was several grades ahead of us and shopped in the “juniors” section. Oh, how I loved that purse. She’d even let me wear it for a few minutes at recess.
I remember feeling like the light of the sun shone on her when she wore that purse and like the skies above me were overcast. That one purse made me feel “less than” and insecure. I wanted a Jordache purse like hers!! Not having that one thing, made me lose sight of all of the awesome stuff that I had. It didn’t matter that people fell out over my thick, long, beefy ponytails, my various flavors of Lip Smackers (for the men, those are lip glosses), or whatever new tennis shoes my father had bought me…. it wasn’t the Jordache purse with the fringes on the bottom!!! Insecurities, along with the sins of covetousness, envy and jealousy will make you MISERABLE!!! It will blind you to the fact that some who have never even paid you a compliment will begin doing their make up like yours, style their hair like yours, etc. The mental turbulence just doesn’t allow you to see your own value.The one major thing my childhood friend had that I didn’t, was CONFIDENCE.

This is a comical example of how the adversary slithers into our thoughts to discount everything God has graced us with, all the while, looking to the one thing someone else appears to have, that you don’t. We walk around bogged down with blessings while our sight is set on what we don’t have. How ungrateful!!!
Not long after, my mom bought me the cutest pink little girl’s handbag and I was over the Jordache purse! I completely forgot about it.My point? Don’t fall for the mind trick. Don’t dummy down and get all insecure. KNOW YOUR WORTH!!! And never ever forget you have your own batch of blessings!!!
Never allow the enemy to trick you out of identifying and being grateful for your strengths. If you don’t believe you have them, you will never use them and he wins. You have access to everything you need to run your race, win your battles, finish your course and accomplish your purpose. Find it. Use it. Thank HIM for it!!!