Cooperating While Waiting….

Some of you have been victims of a very condemning culture. You have been told you are still waiting for _________________ , because you aren’t ready yet, aren’t deserving yet, haven’t prayed enough yet, been obedient enough yet…
While that may be true for some, it isn’t true for ALL. Some people are obedient, do believe and are smack dab in the will of God and are YET WAITING simply because the APPOINTED TIME has not come. Have you ever noticed before that when God blesses you in a major way, other lives and circumstances are affected? He operates so strategically and thoroughly that miracles have ripple effects that affect many in one move. Some of you can be trusted to maintain your position while other people, circumstances, purposes and victories are being aligned. Esther could have undergone all of her preparation, but she wasn’t going to have the favor of her King until the time came for her people to be delivered. That means the time for them to be plotted against had to come first. Her favor was for a much GREATER purpose than her sheer enjoyment. Like her, you were created to be the solution to a problem and the time you wait may be the required sacrifice for the endowment.
Don’t let anyone shame you backwards!!! If you know someone who needs this, SHARE IT!!!

Separate And Unequal

Great care is taken when oxen are yoked together, because a mis-match can be costly to the oxen, to the owner AND the assignment/project. 

If they have a mutual strength, but desire different directions (one is wild and unruly), you can only imagine the havoc, brutality, warring and injuries the two will suffer. 

If there is a desire to go different directions and one is stronger than the other, imagine the abuse and injuries the weaker one will suffer as it tries to stand it’s ground but is forced, trampled upon and pulled BY THE NECK. It could be deadly. 

For us it could be the death of a destiny, death of dreams, death of a birthright, death of ……well, you name it. So often, we erroneously believe that a God who loves us so much, is trying to keep us from happiness, companionship and love. How is it possible that the One who IS love is trying to keep us FROM love? Do we REALLY know and understand what love is and does? 

In truth, it is the fighting, the slaying, the injury, death and loss we unknowingly agree to, from which He is trying to protect us. Even after initial bliss (if it was really ever that), there is ALWAYS an end game. #kelsimarie