Seasons Change…

Seasons change. I have loved people that I’ve had to release, whether because of death, marriage, miles or just the expiration of a season. As life shifts, sometimes configurations change. You’ve heard it before, you have some relationships for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime. Not all endings are bad and bitter.
That said, I cherish the moments, use my words, write letters, send messages and give gifts. I know I mustn’t hold on and prolong anything beyond the season for which it is purposed. I must yield to His plan and respect His course. My endeavor is to make sure that when one reflects across the miles and memories, the sunsets and secrets, the gifts and gains, when a person remembers me and thinks of our time and season of doing life together, they remember honesty, safety, laughter and loyalty…and they simply remember being loved. ❤️❤️❤️ #kelsimarie

Who is YOUR “Delilah”…

Isn’t it interesting that no matter how much we say we love God, no matter how often we wave our hands and tell Him to “have His way”, one area of life many people struggle to yield to God is the area of personal relationships? We hear the common adages like “the heart wants what it wants”, yet the word of God makes it clear that our hearts are “deceitfully wicked” and that the one who puts confidence in his heart is a fool (Jeremiah 17:9 & Proverbs 28:26). Does that mean that we shouldn’t trust that we love who we love? Not necessarily, but we definitely shouldn’t automatically trust those who we love. When prayer isn’t a part of our selection process, we tend to rely solely on attraction and affection, with no substantial indication that a person is a safe influence for our present or our future. I can list how many times a person I know has suffered heartbreak and/or divorce and admitted that although they prayed, they moved forward in establishing a relationship without waiting for a “yes” from God or moved forward despite Him answering “no”. “The heart wants what the heart wants” right? Unfortunately, a heart that doesn’t crave God MORE than its natural desires, isn’t submitted to God, and will always proceed blindly, risking devastation and loss, just for the comfort of the flesh. The question I pose here is: Should God bother answering our [fleeting] question if we haven’t ceased movement along our desired path? If I ask Him if I SHOULD go to a particular destination, while grabbing my keys, entering the car and driving, haven’t I already made up my mind? Is that really the same as consulting Him PRIOR to deciding?

As a single woman, I am often asked what my “type” is. I typically answer that while I don’t have a “type” and don’t want to limit God, I just want to be attracted [even physically] to my husband. I know that the attraction can be comprised of a variety of attributes. At the end of the day, someone who is merely a “type” may be void of the spiritual, mental and emotional characteristics that would make me a better woman, person and Christian. Am I willing to sacrifice what is most important to allow my flesh to LEAD? I think I’m crazy enough to believe that God’s choice for me will be attractive to me on every level necessary for me to achieve the maximum amount of [Godly] success I can experience on this plane. I’m trusting, so check back with me later.

After all, considering all of the trouble my flesh has gotten me into, why would I let it lead? An Adonis lying next to me when I wake up is of no benefit if I’m hurting and miserable on a consistent basis. If your blonde haired and blue eyed beauty isn’t fiscally responsible, do you proceed? If the coke bottle figure never tells the truth, would you be content? If the sultry Jessica Wabbit doesn’t aide your progress on your spiritual path, is the arm candy enough to keep you fulfilled? Rather than stay focused on the cookie cutter “type” that hasn’t gotten me anywhere in the past, I suppose I will let God surprise me and trust that He knows His daughter.

Samson was a judge and well respected in the community. With all that he was able to accomplish, he never yielded to God, his desire for foreign women. He was SUPPOSED to steer clear of them, but they were his “type” and so he went!! His marriage ended tragically, but perhaps he never made a connection between the tragedy, his broken heart and his poor choice. So, he went after the same type. He wasn’t healed, nor delivered, therefore the same desire took the lead. Have you ever noticed how often someone has been deeply hurt by a relationship and the next person they gravitate towards has the same physical characteristics? It’s as if subconsciously they are replacing the person to alleviate the sting of the loss. Are they possibly putting a different personality into the same shell? Is the next person the “next best thing”?

You cannot tell me that Samson didn’t have any native prospects which would have guaranteed a much better ending. Surely there were native prospects that could have whispered to him and more importantly, been faithful and loyal. But there was something about the forbidden fruit and the illegal interaction. His heart wanted what his heart wanted. And it turns out that the “type” that had a hold on his heart, completely STUNTED HIS DESTINY. The only safe dictate for our hearts, is the one that comes from God Himself. His heart wasn’t clean in the area of selecting virtuous women. Before Delilah he kept company with a prostitue. The lust in Samson’s heart craved his own demise.

How many times has your “Delilah” – the one you were helplessly attracted to, led you astray? Three times Delilah showed him she was after his strength. How else would she have known that the methods he shared with her were false?

Poor Samson, he wasn’t thinking or praying, he was just too busy feeling. “The heart wants what the heart wants”. What’s in your heart? What is the type that you crave? Where has it gotten you? Better yet, WHO is YOUR Delilah?

Jeremiah 17:9 AMP – The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, morally sick! Who can know it [perceive, understand, be acquainted with his own heart and mind]?

Proverbs 28:26 AMP – He who leans on, trusts in and is confident of his own mind and heart is a [self-confident] fool, but he who walks in skillful and godly wisdom shall be delivered.

Read the story of Samson and Delilah in the 16th Chapter of Judges…

My Faith is on Trial……

During the past few weeks my sleep pattern has been irregular. I notice this happens when I feel various burdens, am keeping watch and interceding for others. Quite a few of my very close friends are weathering storms, enduring trials and fighting to believe that God is the same Father and Author of their previous seasons of rejoicing. 

Each of us are in our own battle. Each of us are in need of a custom made breakthrough. Just lift your hands and say, “Do it Lord!!!” We all have an “it”. What I am in need of and desire God to do is likely completely different than yours, but we have a craving, a desire, a passion to see it done that is all the same. BUT, at THIS moment we are asking that He removes everything from us that is hindering us from being our BEST. DO IT LORD!!! Do or allow whatever is necessary to get me where I need to be in YOU! Lord, I want YOU to be pleased!

I want to encourage you today not to stop. Your suffering isn’t in vain. He is a God of purpose- nothing He allows is without purpose. We must cooperate so that He can get the glory in the end. We MUST!!! While you’re in this struggle waiting for things to “work out”, rejoice that this struggle (if you’re being faithful) is working some things out of you. Maybe this is where you have FINALLY come to the realization that after having all of the self-confidence in the world, you [now] understand that you don’t have the power, authority or skill set to get THIS done. If you did, it would be completed already. He wants you to know without a shadow of a doubt when it is all over,  the victory belongs to Him. Too often we will brag about the bright idea we had, the talent, the “gift”, etc. when a goal is accomplished; when in fact, God is the inspiration for ANY GOOD thing we do!  We just can’t help ourselves most of the time. The pride in us wants the glory! But THIS…. Well, we’re growing increasingly aware that our way isn’t working, and that it has to be God who gets THIS done! NOW He has your attention. In the end, you will know that had you relied solely on your education, reputation, intellect, work experience, husband, wife, mama, daddy, friend, sister or brother, you’d STILL be broke, unemployed, heart broken, in foreclosure, frustrated, lonely, sick, angry, homeless, disgusted, lost, …..and the list goes on. 

The wonderful news is that He’s contending for you! Everything inside of you that would  sabotage your blessing or contaminate your promise, is being worked out of you. Some stuff at work on the inside of you cannot come along to the next place, so it has to be WORKED OUT of you now. 

You cannot earn what God has in store for you. It is a bi-product of your FAITH. What has been contaminating your faith???  Now, right here in what feels like an emotional, spiritual, mental or financial gutter, is where you get to prove that you in FACT, have the FAITH in God and the LOVE for God that you have bragged about all along. There is no prior script or journal entry to run to. What worked before isn’t working now, because you’ve never been through THIS before. You’ve never been this age before. This is your first time at this particular place. The only way out of THIS is UP! And the only script that can help is the Holy one!

In the first chapter of 2 Thessalonians, Paul (along with Silas and Timothy) expresses His appreciation and pleasure with the believers. The Amplified version reads that he was proud of their “unflinching endurance and patience” and “firm faith in the midst of their persecutions and crushing distresses and afflictions”. That type of “unflinching endurance and patience” and “firm faith….” is said in the following verse to be positive proof of the just and right judgment of God that you are deserving of His kingdom. C’mon, you MUST endure this to PROVE your faith. Prove that it wasn’t all talk just because things were going the way you wanted! In the fifth chapter of Romans, it reads that  endurance develops maturity in character (APPROVED FAITH and TRIED INTEGRITY). When we’re mature in CHARACTER, it is MOST important to us that we glorify God than satisfy the flesh. When the mature Christian feels like quitting, they don’t. When the mature Christian is tempted to stop believing, they won’t. The mature Christian will give when what they really want is to “receive”. The mature Christian will take the exit route BEFORE being overwhelmed by sexual temptation, and tell a bitter truth before lying (even what the world calls “a white lie”). A mature Christian yields to God (kicking and screaming if necessary), before succumbing to the dictates of the flesh. 

In this trial, whether you have paid attention or not, some things about you have been revealed and brought to the surface. Under pressure, the REAL you has shown up. Use this time wisely and let your focus be to yield EVERYTHING within you that is not pleasing to Him.   Get cleaned up on the inside so that he can polish you off and put you to use the way HE wants to. 

He’s contending for you!!! He wants to show you off. He wants to reveal a person who has “APPROVED FAITH” and “TRIED INTEGRITY”. It is that character – (that brother, that sister), that is mature enough to handle the promise! Character/integrity is what you do, how you behave and what you succumb to when no one but God is looking!