Year We Go Again…

I’m like WOW right now! This exact time last year I was stressed. I believed the Lord had given me specific instructions, but His directives seemed so out of nowhere and nearly impossible, I just wasn’t sure. I was like “are you really telling me to do this?” “Why?” “This wasn’t part of my plan…” I went to a retreat BELIEVING He’d make Himself CLEAR and I’d return with my answer. I told God that I would obey whatever He revealed. At the retreat, He confirmed and I knew it would take a miracle for things to work out. I told a few prayer partners and EACH of them bore witness in their spirits. One in particular had a vision of the completed miracle it would take. Let me tell you, after I said yes, I was TESTED!!! I was yielding to something I didn’t want to do, but knew He spoke. I think I cried every day for a week. On top of that, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE!!! I began to doubt I heard Him. If this is what He willed, then why was it so difficult??? One particular day, my prayer partner reminded me she’d had the vision. She’d already seen it completed. I rested in His ability to bring His own will to pass and focused on aligning my heart (and desires) with His. Long story short, the miracle happened- quickly. He put everything together beautifully, and some…. I didn’t realize until I was on the other side of the whole thing that I NEEDED it and that it was best for me. He didn’t let me see that part until AFTER I obeyed (catch that). 

Now, here I am a year later exactly (from the weekend He confirmed His will), with a new set of instructions and a revelation that looks even more impossible. I’m being stretched AGAIN. I’ve been crying AGAIN. And AGAIN, I told Him I’d obey. Go figure!!! Faith to faith and glory to glory right? It ain’t easy. I was just thinking today….I’m yielded, but how in the WORLD is He gonna pull THIS ONE off??? I guess the same way He pulled the last one off, His own way! I’m like Kermit sipping tea right now, how He does it is none of my business. Let me just make sure my heart is right and I’m prepared. Sometimes one miracle is the set up for the next one. #livingbyfaith #battletested #kelsichronicles #doitafraid #kelsimarie

Heart Strings…

This is a picture of heart strings. Can you see how fragile they are? These heart strings can break after a deep emotional trauma, causing the heart to lose form and no longer pump blood effectively. Yes, one can literally die from a broken heart. I am posting this because I really want people to consider the impact they have on others AND the necessity of emotional restoration. Do you know anyone that died too soon? Do you know anyone with a “bad heart”? Do you know anyone (including yourself) that gives the APPEARANCE of soaring in the spirit, but privately, are really just one disappointment away from a breakdown?
So, you want to know why I do what I do- why my messages are so often about emotional healing? One cannot live the abundant life Christ died for them to live without taking the mask off and having their heart RESTORED. You laugh ON TOP OF THE PAIN- preach ON TOP OF THE PAIN- get into another relationship ON TOP OF THE PAIN- act bitterly ON TOP OF THE PAIN, act like nothing is wrong ON TOP OF THE PAIN, joke around ON TOP OF THE PAIN, but the pain is real. And you are LYING. Dis-ease eventually manifests in disease. Arthritis, asthma, cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes…..(need I go on) are all rooted in a TRAUMA that becomes the DOOR the enemy used to access the temple. There are some you will NEVER fool, simply because the God on the inside of us can SEE the pain- and furthermore, SEE that you haven’t yielded to the healing PROCESS. For the love of God…get healed!!! 

If you want help or know someone who does, have them contact me. I will help. Prayer, exposure, root work….you WILL have to deal with it. THIS IS NOT A GAME- THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!

Emotional Healing Coach