The Nudges…

I’ve learned not to ignore the nudges. Often times when we are seeking direction from God or not, we expect Him to instruct us with lightening and thunder, with a James Earl Jones voice hammering down from Heaven. Yet, some of my most critical instructions in  a moment’s notice have been given with just a nudge, an unction, an ever so slight tap towards a certain action or direction.

Oh, how I’ve learned not to ignore the nudges. Sometimes we want a raindrop to fall just above our left eyebrow in the scorching sun so that we will KNOW that it’s God speaking, but that wouldn’t require much faith or stretching would it? That wouldn’t require that we stay tuned in to His frequency.

Although I grew up in the Bay Area and lived there until a year and a half ago, I do NOT like driving in San Francisco. You really have to know the one way streets, having committed them to memory to navigate the downtown area efficiently. It’s all just a maze to me, and years ago, one of the countless times I was lost, I was in a residential neighborhood. Mind you, this was before GPS was a “thing”. I was desperately trying to find my way back to the freeway and was growing more and more frustrated. I was literally at the point of tears. I felt a gentle nudging to turn left, but turning left didn’t make sense to me. From where I could see, it appeared to be a dead end. I could see the house that faced me at what I perceived to be the end of the street, yet the nudging just wouldn’t go away.

Finally, I said something as ridiculous as “Ok God, I’ll drive down here just to SEE that it’s a dead end!” I had been circling the same blocks for quite some time and didn’t feel I had much to lose. I figured at least if I went ahead and turned left, I could get rid of this nagging “nudging”. To my surprise, when I got to that house that faced me at the end of the block, I could see that the street actually continued in a perpendicular direction. Furthermore, the street literally turned into the freeway onramp!

I could bore you with countless examples, but I think you get my point. There will be times you have an unexplainable nudging to pray for a person, take a certain route home, change an appointment time, go see about a friend, etc. . Don’t ignore it. Remember, God isn’t obligated to explain Himself on the front end. It is our responsibility to trust Him one nudging at a time and obey one often blind step at a time.

Year We Go Again…

I’m like WOW right now! This exact time last year I was stressed. I believed the Lord had given me specific instructions, but His directives seemed so out of nowhere and nearly impossible, I just wasn’t sure. I was like “are you really telling me to do this?” “Why?” “This wasn’t part of my plan…” I went to a retreat BELIEVING He’d make Himself CLEAR and I’d return with my answer. I told God that I would obey whatever He revealed. At the retreat, He confirmed and I knew it would take a miracle for things to work out. I told a few prayer partners and EACH of them bore witness in their spirits. One in particular had a vision of the completed miracle it would take. Let me tell you, after I said yes, I was TESTED!!! I was yielding to something I didn’t want to do, but knew He spoke. I think I cried every day for a week. On top of that, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE!!! I began to doubt I heard Him. If this is what He willed, then why was it so difficult??? One particular day, my prayer partner reminded me she’d had the vision. She’d already seen it completed. I rested in His ability to bring His own will to pass and focused on aligning my heart (and desires) with His. Long story short, the miracle happened- quickly. He put everything together beautifully, and some…. I didn’t realize until I was on the other side of the whole thing that I NEEDED it and that it was best for me. He didn’t let me see that part until AFTER I obeyed (catch that). 

Now, here I am a year later exactly (from the weekend He confirmed His will), with a new set of instructions and a revelation that looks even more impossible. I’m being stretched AGAIN. I’ve been crying AGAIN. And AGAIN, I told Him I’d obey. Go figure!!! Faith to faith and glory to glory right? It ain’t easy. I was just thinking today….I’m yielded, but how in the WORLD is He gonna pull THIS ONE off??? I guess the same way He pulled the last one off, His own way! I’m like Kermit sipping tea right now, how He does it is none of my business. Let me just make sure my heart is right and I’m prepared. Sometimes one miracle is the set up for the next one. #livingbyfaith #battletested #kelsichronicles #doitafraid #kelsimarie

more, More, MORE!!!!!!

I Want More!!!

I want more and I’m not the only one. All of us want more of SOMETHING. Some want more money, others more peace, some a larger house, others, more children. You have those who want more success, and others who want to come home to more than the sound of their own voice. There are those who want a better car, want to lose more weight, and spouses that want more attention. It’s quite a natural tendency to want more. Some of the things we want more of aren’t ungodly at all in and of themselves. But too often we miss what matters MOST. The greatest tragedy is when there is the desire for more of ONE thing over which not a single one of us has any control; the desire for more TIME. Time to be content.

The hype of the New Year has begun to die down. People are settling back in to their routines. Yes, routines….after resolutions and all. But while we look forward to the possibilities and expectations of this year, the reality is that many are wishing for just one more hug, one more conversation, one more chance to apologize- regretting that they didn’t have in yesteryear, the clarity that they have now. While we know that “all things work together” (Romans 8:28), there are still some mistakes we wish not to repeat. Most of us desire to do and feel better. While we cannot control the loss of the seasons or the opportunities and relationships that we miss and crave, we CAN do something about the ache of discontentment that plagues us. Few things are as disappointing as acquiring EXACTLY what we pursued, and then finding that we’re STILL discontent.  This is an indication, that you have scratched the wrong spot; that you missed the itch. This is a prime time for some of us to sit back with a proverbial cup of hot chocolate and think about what is REALLY motivating us to pursue goals that aren’t satisfying our deepest needs.

Many of us fall short of where we desire to be, not because of God’s inability or unwillingness to provide, but because His integrity will not allow us to contaminate and defile promises that are precious and pure, with motives that are rooted in bondage. Insecurity is BONDAGE! Low self-esteem is BONDAGE. The absence of self-love is BONDAGE. Bitterness is BONDAGE. Pride is BONDAGE.  Our Father is waiting for us to walk out of the open door to our freedom! It is time for us to see what He is showing us about our hearts- the seat of our motives. We must take the time to re-evaluate WHY we want what we desire. Do you want to be married to prove to your ex or to yourself that you are lovable? Do you want to be thinner, have a nose job, breast implants, or tummy tuck, because it takes validation from someone else to make you feel attractive?  Do you want a bigger house for others to see the perks of being a “faithful servant”?  Are you tenacious about obtaining success because you have something to prove to the people who told you that you couldn’t do it?  Take a deep look at what is motivating you.  Is discontentment robbing you of the joy you should be experiencing in a life in Christ?

As Christians, what we achieve is for the glory of God. Even our successes should bring God glory. It is His faithfulness and love that should fuel you to be great [for Him], not anger, rejection, low self-esteem or the “I’ll show you a thing or two!!!” mentality. If you can identify with any of the above, it’s time to redirect your energy towards the healing of your emotional wounds. Nothing or no one can fill the void you feel except God Himself. Nothing on the exterior will soothe the ache on the interior. Being healed, set free and whole will enable you to live the abundant life Christ died for you to live (John 10:10)! Desire to be great and do great things, in honor, appreciation and acknowledgement of the potential He put inside of you. And in the process, bring someone else along! Our adversary and the wounds he has caused should not be our motivators, nor his tactics our energizers. What would have happened had Joseph been bitter and determined to get even with his brothers (Genesis 50:17&20)?

Our walk and our purpose are so much bigger than us! God saw something in you that made your life worth living. He saw something in you that made you worth dying for, and He makes no mistakes. As a child, during recess, when the captain of the kickball team chose you, weren’t you glad that you weren’t left behind on the sideline? I know I was! I would take my stance and yell “baby bouncies” and kick with all of my might!!! Well now we have nothing to prove, but everything to gain. He’s chosen you for eternity. He loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). And He isn’t going to change His mind about you.

Acknowledge Him and obey His guidance in order to avoid the wrong paths. After all, being where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing and reaching those we are supposed to be reaching is how we will find ourselves LIVING ON PURPOSE! Now THAT should be a resolution we can’t ignore. NOTHING will be more fulfilling! May we all look over our shoulders at the end of our journey on this side and then wave, smile and KNOW we lived our BEST life and desire no “do-overs”!!! Start NOW!!!!