Sow Intentionally…

Everything we speak and do is a seed we are sowing. When we bless others, it’s a seed. 
When we hurt others, it’s a seed. 

Sin is a seed. 

Obedience is a seed. 

Sharing is a seed. 

Hoarding is a seed. 

Giving is a seed. 

Taking is a seed. 

Speaking life into others is a seed. 

Cursing others is a seed. 

At a time you leave a person’s life, for whatever reason, what will you leave them to remember you by? Gifts? Heartache? Smiles? Love? Encouragement? Pain?

Will your presence be missed, or your absence celebrated? 

Be glad you gave even if you receive nothing in return. 

You won’t always reap in the same place you’ve sown, but you WILL reap. 

No matter the seed, you reap. 

Sow carefully. 

Sow intentionally. 🙏🏾❤️


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