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A couple of weeks ago I realized the blessing in a “pivot”. ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€Sometimes a shift is realized in a transition without movement. In basketball, when your dribble stops and opponents surround you, a pivot will help you not to lose possession. A pivot will help you locate your teammates. Well, in life, just like you can move to a new location and remain the same, you can also change, but remain in the same location. 

A pivot repositions you so that you have a new vantage point, and are capable of seeing what you couldn’t see before, from right where you’re standing. Sometimes a new vantage point is all you need to remain in possession and score. 

I posted a video a few weeks ago about the shift that would accompany the new season. I was excited, because I had no idea what the shift would entail. Sometimes new is painful. Sometimes painful is progress. Sometimes what is revealed doesn’t feel good. Sometimes there is something you must lose to access everything you have to gain. Sometimes the loss of familiarity is painful. Sometimes the familiarity is what has hindered you. When you choose familiarity over God, the “familiar” is an idol. Idolatry is sin. He WILL NOT bless sin. Your efforts won’t produce what you really need. 

The pivot will attract opponents, but teammates allow for continuous ball movement. Sometimes you carry a promise as far as you can, but then you need someone to pray for you, pour into you, encourage you, and help you keep it moving. Move the ๐Ÿ€!!! 

We all need people who will be honest no matter what. We all need people who can be relied on during the shift. When you stop dribbling and must pivot, and are surrounded by opponents wishing to knock the ball out of your hand, look for those who’s hands go up and are waving at you. They are the ones assigned to pray for you. They are the ones who will help you move the ball, get the field goal and score. Whatever you do, don’t buckle, don’t let the enemy put his hands on the promise, because a jump ball leaves it up for grabs. Don’t allow it to be knocked out of your hands. Pivot, so you can see who’s there for you. There may not be many, so that’s even more reason to tell them you love them and appreciate the few that there are. You can’t do it alone and you can’t partner with opponents (sin) AND be on the Lord’s team. Don’t be deceived. Pay attention.